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Our Mission

The mission of the INHOPE Foundation is to financially sponsor and support start up activities of new hotlines outside of the European Union.

We seek to expand the network of hotlines by prioritizing countries where Child Sexual Abuse Material is being facilitated, produced or distributed.

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Our Participants

In 2012, the INHOPE Foundation welcomed its first Latin American hotline, Te Protejo, located in Bogotá, Colombia.

We continuously seek out new Internet hotlines all over the world in order to cultivate and expand the network. This allows INHOPE to expand the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material on the Internet.


Our partners

Our mission and action for a safer Internet is made possible by the following organisations

  • OAK
  • Foro
  • Microsoft
  • Resurgens
  • ECPAT International

Global Network.

We provide access to a power global network of Internet hotlines, industry and Law Enforcement Agencies.


Best Practices.

Since 1999, INHOPE has provided Best Practices that help hotlines ensure increased performance, efficient communication and swift action.



We have developed tools for management of reports and exchange of information between INHOPE members and other key players. 

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