Te Protejo Colombia is first INHOPE Foundation Participant to become Member of INHOPE Association

At the INHOPE Annual General Meeting in Copenhagen on 11 May 2016, the Colombian hotline Te Protejo became the first INHOPE Foundation hotline to apply for and be accepted as a member of the INHOPE Association. This transition demonstrates not only the sustained efforts made by Te Protejo to attain and help drive best practice as a hotline, but also the value of the INHOPE Foundation as a stepping stone to membership of the global hotline network. 

Prevention of online child abuse among topics at India cybercrime conference

In recognition of the growing attention being given to the fight against online sexual exploitation and abuse of children in India and globally, the INHOPE Foundation will be an international knowledge partner for the 2015 International Conference on #Cyber Law #Cyber Crime & #Cyber Security.

The conference will take place on 19 November, 2015 at New Delhi, India, with local and international delegates and speakers from key disciplines. 

For more information, or to register, visit: http://cyberlawcybercrime.com/

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ECPAT International and the INHOPE Foundation cooperate in the fight against child sexual abuse material

The INHOPE Foundation and ECPAT International have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise collaboration with particular emphasis on collaborating to remove child sexual exploitation and abuse material (images and videos) from the Internet. Knowledge sharing and provision of technical assistance will be at the very heart of the strengthened partnership. ECPAT International will in particular link the INHOPE Foundation with local partners in countries where ECPAT has a membership base, support and engage in advocacy initiatives to persuade relevant decision makers of the need for a national reporting mechanism to identify and remove evidence of child sexual exploitation and abuse from the Internet.

Resurgens Foundation becomes a partner of the INHOPE Foundation

We are very pleased to welcome the Resurgens Foundation as a supporter of the INHOPE Foundation. Funding from the Resurgens Foundation in 2014 and 2015 will enable the INHOPE Foundation to continue its work of identifying and developing reporting hotlines in countries where there is significant hosting of illegal online content, where there is high or rapidly increasing Internet penetration, and where there is a visible nexus between online and offline forms of child abuse and exploitation.

Kazakhstan joins INHOPE to fight child pornography

Kazakhstan has stepped up its fight against child pornography by entering INHOPE, an organization that fights illegal content, Tengrinews reports citing Shavkat Sabirov, head of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan, as saying.

Kazakhstan is among the Top 10 countries that host the largest number of servers that distribute content promoting sexual abuse of minors.

Read the full article here.


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