Public Benefit Institution (ANBI)

The Inspector of Taxes has classified Stichting INHOPE Foundation as a Charity under their Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) - public benefit organization – rulings and as referred to in Article 24, paragraph 4 of the Succession Act 1956.

As an ANBI, Stichting INHOPE Foundation are exempt from paying tax on inheritances and donations that the foundation receives in the context of the public interest.


ANBI registration name
Statutory name: Stichting INHOPE Foundation
ANBI Tax Registration Number 8228.06.381

Board Composition

President  Carolina Piñeros 
Vice President  B. D. Howard
Treasurer  To be appointed

Board members are responsible collectively.

Remuneration policy
Board members perform their duties selflessly and therefore receive no reward. Expenses arising from incidental activities may be reimbursed by the foundation.
The remuneration of staff of the Stichting INHOPE Foundation is competitive. Members of the board do not receive a salary or other remuneration

Financial accountability
For financial reporting, please refer to the published annual reports which are available on the website. The accounts and annual reports are audited by Horlings, Amsterdam. The annual report includes an audit certificate issued by said auditors

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