Thank you for your interest in donating to the INHOPE Foundation.

Every donation matters.

INHOPE hotlines help detect and assess illegal online content and work with law enforcement and industry players to have such harmful content removed quickly from the Internet. To be fully effective, we need more hotlines to join in.

Sadly, in many of the emerging countries, there is a lack of funding, interest or legislation. Sometimes, child exploitation is not even addressed while child sexual abuse material is on the rise.

Together, through the INHOPE Foundation, we can make a difference and reverse this unacceptable trend.
Your contribution, big or small, enables us to do more.
Your donation is an investment in the future, an investment in a better and safer Internet.
Your generous gift will help develop new hotlines across the world and, by stopping the circulation of such despicable material, prevent child victims from revictimisation.

By donating now, you are helping us forge a safer and a better digital tomorrow.

Donate now.

Make a lasting impact on a cause you care about.

Thank you.

Donations to the INHOPE Foundation qualify as charitable contributions and are tax-deductible

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