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The Internet Foundation for The Development of Thailand was founded in 2009 and has had some working relationships with INHOPE Association Members.


Safekaznet hotline was launched in July 2011 and operates under the patronage of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan.


The Citizen Council of Mexico City are a civil society organisation established to generate citizen complaint mechanisms and to design and implement programs to address problem of public security and law enforcement.


On 7 Feb 2017, the Safer Internet Day, numerous stakeholders in the online child safety sector organised and participated at a roundtable to discuss and share best practices to create a safer Internet. As a follow-up action of the roundtable, the participants reached the consensus of establishing a collaborative platform, eHelp Association, in a bid to promote and protect the online safety of children and youth.


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digiQ is an association for online safety and prevention in Slovakia. It focuses on:

-reporting illegal content on the internet through nahlas.to

-offering lectures and training programs to raise awareness about internet opportunities and risks

-providing education opportunities to parents and professionals to enable them to help children build their online resilience and smart digital citizenship.

digiQ aims to conduct research related to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the safe use of internet by children and adolescents.


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The Peruvian Network against Child Pornography (RCPI - Peru) is a non-profit civil association founded in October 2006 to contribute to the fight against child pornography on the Internet in Peru.


Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) is a Cambodian NGO founded in 2003 and dedicated to combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. APLE began cooperating with the INHOPE Foundation in 2013, and in January 2015 APLE launched its Internet Hotline.
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