Resurgens Foundation becomes a partner of the INHOPE Foundation

We are very pleased to welcome the Resurgens Foundation as a supporter of the INHOPE Foundation. Funding from the Resurgens Foundation in 2014 and 2015 will enable the INHOPE Foundation to continue its work of identifying and developing reporting hotlines in countries where there is significant hosting of illegal online content, where there is high or rapidly increasing Internet penetration, and where there is a visible nexus between online and offline forms of child abuse and exploitation.

As the Internet and use of digital technology expands and diversifies, so too does the need for timely, collaborative reporting mechanisms that engage all parts of society in protecting children from victimisation and harm. It is the mission of the INHOPE Foundation and its partners to drive this work, promoting a global solution to the global challenge of online child sexual exploitation.

Resurgens Foundation is a Swiss-based foundation. The Foundation will contribute, in particular, to the development of programmes and support to organisations promoting free and honest use of information technologies, seeking to combat the damaging aspects of these information technologies and helping those who have been victims of swindles and other fraudulent behavior on the Internet.

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