Kazakhstan joins INHOPE to fight child pornography

Kazakhstan has stepped up its fight against child pornography by entering INHOPE, an organization that fights illegal content, Tengrinews reports citing Shavkat Sabirov, head of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan, as saying.

Kazakhstan is among the Top 10 countries that host the largest number of servers that distribute content promoting sexual abuse of minors.

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The INHOPE Foundation welcomes more hotlines in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse on the internet.

The INHOPE Foundation is pleased to announce following visits by its ambassadors, that the following hotlines have been recognised and accepted as participant hotlines within the INHOPE Foundation and will receive support and guidance in their development to become key players in the removal of illegal content, particularly Child Sexual Abuse Material, both nationally and internationally as part of the wider INHOPE Network of hotlines.

Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand

Internet Association of Kazakhstan

INHOPE Foundation's groundbreaking work in Asia

The INHOPE Foundation has received applications from Thailand, Kazakhstan, the Philippines and Cambodia.

A review of the Thai hotline – INTERNET FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THAILAND – has just been carried out and visits to Kazakhstan and Cambodia are planned over the next few months to learn more about their operations and to conduct a needs assessment.

The INHOPE Foundation is enthusiastic to support each of these esteemed organisations and to continue the fight against Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

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